And yet this was a man who advanced the civil rights movement, in my mind, more than anybody else. But in reading the book I thought, wow, this book — the title of which is “Race Man: Selected Works,” by Julian Bond, from 1960-2015. But I do want to — -first of all, Bayard Rustin, who organized the March on Washington, was a pacifist. We learn how this movement moved from one period to another — -and also reversals, failures. “That was the impetus for SNCC to issue its anti-war statement,” she continues, “which was very strong, and criticized the United States for its treatment of black people around the world, but including the United States of America.”, Scheer makes the link to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous 1967 speech, “Beyond Vietnam,” in which he indicted his own country as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”. ML: If you want to even push this even further, if you want to see Bond’s radicalism at the end of his life, look not only at his stances on LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage, but look at that picture there’s a picture of him getting arrested for protesting at Keystone pipeline. And I think that’s a theme in your book. What do I say to his widow? And he was easily amused. And he was, in addition to a brilliant speaker and thinker, a very good writer. It was unseemly, it was horrible. That’s it for this edition. You know, he could move very easily in the streets, and he got elected; he got elected over and over again. But Julian Bond had the foresight to say, don’t make the poor people the ones that have to pay the price.

And so King says, “Well, why don’t you do something with us? And I want to thank our guests, the editor of this book, Michael G. Long, who has written, you can look him up; he’s written a number of very important books on a whole range of subjects.

MICHAEL G. LONG: Sure, I’ll take — I’ll start, Pamela, and then maybe you can jump in. And as one example, you’re right bringing up other issues.

[41] In 1998, Bond was selected as chairman of the NAACP. And this is certainly right at the top of the list. [33][34] Bond's estranged wife, Alice, who publicly accused him of using cocaine, later retracted her statements. The, you know, so-called respectable whites. ML: Yeah, if you want to talk about that, Pam knows a lot about Julian’s background.

And maybe Pam has something to add to this. RS: Yeah, and we’re going to end this, but I just want to say one of the things that struck me in your book, you have some wonderful pictures there. Bond’s wife, Pamela Sue Horowitz, revealed to The New York Times that her husband’s death was due to complications of vascular disease. And I think — I love that picture, because that just sums up, for me that sums up the radical dimension of his life. ... his wife Pamela Sue Horowitz told The New York Times. Former chairman of the NAACP and lifelong civil rights leader Julian Bond passed away Saturday, Aug. 15, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced. And then the Supreme Court eventually backed him. RS: Pam, you’ve practiced before the Supreme Court, so you probably know this case better than anyone. But in 1965, when SNCC comes out with this statement, he supports it. And these guys were not just mentioning the war. All rights reserved. He says he supports it because it’s right; he also says he supports it because he’s a pacifist. And Pamela Horowitz, who is a lawyer who works with the Southern Poverty Law Center, very famous in Montgomery, and actually took a very important landmark case on gender discrimination having to do with female prison guards, and applies to the firemen and police and everything else, whether being a woman would disqualify them from a position; it’s a famous Title VII case. And that is what Martin Luther King was saying at the end of his life, before he was assassinated.

Still dogged by allegations of drug use, Bond resigned from the Georgia Senate the following year. ML: Yeah, Bond was clearly a big fan of the social welfare state; and I thought of him last night when I was listening to Bernie Sanders. So just take us to those first years, as described — and the book is a collection of writing by Julian Bond, who I happened to know quite well at different points. I mean, why would they even care about Palestinians or Vietnamese or anything? [51] Bond later added at the annual NAACP convention that year, that since Bush's election he had "had his picture taken with more black people than voted for him. Eric Crouch Family, What Are The Pipes In My Basement Floor, The New Shmoo, Lynn Carlson Hendrick, Middle Name For Christiana, What Is Sam Henderson Doing Now, Mississippi River Essay, Pioneer Woman Recipe For Split Pea Soup, Hemlata Bhatt Nanabhai Bhatt, Beyonce Net Worth 2020 Forbes, Chad Michaels Height, Fuzz Finnegan Everybody Hurts, Origen De Los Apellidos Vascos Franceses, Hunted Ex Sas Mervyn Episode, Occult Meaning Of The Number 8, Kitfox 7 Kit For Sale, Badboyhalo Twitter Quack, Hisense Refrigerator Reviews Hqd20058sv, Edward Hogg Imdb, The Earthling Co Shampoo Reviews, Bmw V12 Twin Turbo M73, Bacteria In Guadalupe River 2019, Polaris Ranger Roll Cage, Derek Carr Family, Shiva Manas Puja, Diy Ground Penetrating Radar Kit, Can I Tap Into Existing Ductwork For Basement Heat, How To Use Rave Dj, 2020 Piaggio Bv 350 Top Speed, Gtx 1650 Power Supply Requirements, Swamp Tar Osrs Ironman, Joy Riders Stickers, Largest Wolf Ever Recorded, Robert Herring Net Worth, Nursing Care Plan For Afib, Spirit Box App, Tal Fishman Age, Calories In Vegetable Biryani Takeaway, Cyndago Daniel How Did He Die, Legend Pdf Weebly, Tucson Police Department Detectives, Ilya Forged In Fire, T Bo Icarly Real Name, Awd On Moreton Island, Critère De Différenciation Sociale, Signos Zodiacales Compatibles, Rêver De Recevoir Une Montre En Cadeau Islam, Zip Code Bayamon, Mayor Of Barboursville Wv, Star Trek Fleet Command Discord Hivemind, Physical Ascension Symptoms 2020, Lupe Acosta Larsen, Nra Endowment Member Jacket, ハーフタレント 毒舌 薬物, Renew Texas Trailer Plates, Annabelle Mullins Real Story, Ib Global Politics Paper 2 Grade Boundaries, Eric Harris Quotes, Tina Hudson Age, Tnt Account Number, How To Make Sambuca, Sumeet Saigal Parents, Xbox One Safe Mode, What Channel Is Dabl On Comcast, Wall Mounted Mobile Hanger, Sedona Rock A Billy Tire, Cartesian To Spherical Transformation, Order Of The Coagula, Dbd Tunneling And Camping, Dillon Danis' Girlfriend Instagram, General Jack Keane Net Worth, Please Refrain From Urination While The Train Is In The Station, Lester Young Quizlet, Whitney Cummings Mailing Address, Nick Schifrin Partner, Laurel Burch Fabric, George Boyd Hardware, Another Word For Phone Skills, Jill Vedder Sister Death, Nba 2k Mobile Vs Nba Live Mobile 2020, Armada Warden Mnc 13 Review, Mike Strutter Dvd, Y2k Aesthetic Clothing Stores, Fade Fortnite Mask, Fmvss Label Replacement, Nova Skin Wallpaper, Shane Madej Age, If You Raise A Lion From Birth Will It Attack You, How Did Chuy From Chelsea Lately Die, Prestonplayz Roblox Account Password 2020, Meaning Of Cassandra In The Bible, Halo Glasslands Audiobook, Shimano Sojourn Muskie Rod Forum, Major Garrett Salary, Jojo Op 6 Roblox Id, Tara Slone Net Worth, Breakdown Game Remake, Famous Beaver Names, âme En Grec, " />

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